College Going Culture

Inspiring grade-school students to believe that a college education is achievable.

Since its inception, the CFP Foundation has been dedicated to using its resources to help establish a college going culture in the communities set to host the national championship game. A college going culture shapes the expectation of a college education for students by boosting their curiosity and confidence while building hope of a rewarding life after graduation. Less than 25% of first generation students earn their way to a bachelor’s degree compared with 68% of their non-first generation peers. Therefore, the CFP Foundation specifically targets these students, primarily in high poverty areas, with the College Banner Program and the College Visit Program.

College Banner Program

The College Banner Program began in 2014 prior to the inaugural national championship game in North Texas. This program provides collegiate banners free of charge to low income schools in order to start the conversation of college in grade school.

Total Impact:

  • 1,038 schools
  • 33,700 classrooms
  • 47,000 banners
  • 727,000 students

The CFP Foundation has hosted a special presentation in the communities of the last two national championship games with previous collegiate football players at their childhood alma maters.



In November 2015, Darren Woodson, three-time Super Bowl champion and current ESPN NFL Analyst, returned to Isaac Middle School in his hometown of Phoenix, AZ, to proudly hang the banner of his alma mater, Arizona State University. 



In September 2014, Tim Brown, 1987 Heisman Trophy winner, returned to Mount Auburn Elementary School in Dallas, TX to proudly hang the banner of his alma mater, Notre Dame. Video #2: Tim Brown banner hanging

College Visit Program

The objective of the College Visit Program is to inspire students to make college a goal by giving students the experience of being on a college campus. This program has been implemented in different ways in the communities of the last two national championship games. 

Hunnicutt Future Educators Academy

The Hunnicutt Future Educators Academy has been a staple program at Arizona State University (ASU) for over a decade. It is a fun-filled five-day summer residence program for high school students considering teaching or careers in education. It provides a broad approach to teaching and encompasses a large area of traditional classroom topics. 


U Got This: College Experience

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, over 1,000 high school students from five Dallas County school districts attended the event hosted by the College Football Playoff Foundation and Commit! Students enjoyed a motivational speech from Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin, as well as a musical performance from Dallas ISD graduate and four-time GRAMMY winner Erykah Badu. Students spent the day touring the campus, engaging in hands-on exhibits and exploring ways to overcome any barriers to college they might be facing.