Early Childhood Development

The benefits of quality education prior to kindergarten are substantial. The CFP Foundation seeks to have an impact in this space that benefits teachers as well as future students.

Due to interactions with key partners, the CFP Foundation has recently started to explore this space as it became clear that early childhood education is a high-rewarding investment. The significant long-term benefits include:


More likely to graduate from high school

More likely to own homes

More likely to earn up to $2,000 more per month

Less likely to repeat grades

Less likely to need special education

Less likely to get into future trouble with the law


The CFP Foundation donated $60,000, matched by Florida Citrus Sports, to support the Early Learning Programs at Frontline Outreach and Legends Academy. This donation went towards improving the instructional effectiveness of the early learning teachers through professional development and coaching. In addition, Legends Academy will be able to provide critical support for children and families that allow teachers to focus on instruction.

The CFP Foundation granted Dallas organization Commit! $75,000 to put towards their early childhood programming which includes Pre-Kindergarten Early Education and Early Literacy as part of the CFP Foundation’s legacy funding.

In partnership with the Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic, $100,000 was donated to Fort Worth ISD (FWISD) in coordination with the CFP Foundation’s legacy funding. The vision of the FWISD Early Childhood Department is to enhance early language, literacy and math experiences in order to better prepare young children for academic success as measured by rigorous standards of intellectual thought and knowledge.