Student-Athletes Make Great Teachers

Placing great students on the path to rewarding teaching careers.

There is a current and future teacher shortage in many different teaching fields and in many communities across the country. Students associated with college athletic programs offer a pool of individuals who reflect the desired characteristics and skills to be prime targets for recruitment into the field of teaching. The current population of student-athletes reflects the diversity we hope to eventually see reflected in the educator workforce. By providing athletic and academic departments a platform to assist with the marketing and recruitment of student-athletes and other students into the teaching profession, the Go Teach project can make an immediate impact across the country. The more qualified candidates who enroll in teacher preparation programs, the more great teachers will be in the classroom.

The Go Teach Project aims to give athletic and academic departments a platform and the tools needed to assist with the recruitment of qualified student-athletes into the teaching profession. Get the Go Teach Project started on your campus by following this easy 8-step process.