Student-Athletes Make Great Teachers

Placing great students on the path to rewarding teaching careers.

There is a current and future teacher shortage in many different teaching fields and in many communities across the country. Students associated with college athletic programs offer a pool of individuals who reflect the desired characteristics and skills to be prime targets for recruitment into the field of teaching. The current population of student-athletes reflects the diversity we hope to eventually see reflected in the educator workforce. By providing athletic and academic departments a platform to assist with the marketing and recruitment of student-athletes and other students into the teaching profession, the Go Teach project can make an immediate impact across the country. The more qualified candidates who enroll in teacher preparation programs, the more great teachers will be in the classroom.

The Go Teach Project aims to give athletic and academic departments a platform and the tools needed to assist with the recruitment of qualified student-athletes into the teaching profession. Get the Go Teach Project started on your campus by following this easy 8-step process.  


Step 1: Determine

The first step of the Go Teach Project is to determine all of the potential paths to a career in education. Use these questions as a guide to help you determine how many different available paths there at your college or university.

You can also download the questions here.


Step 2: Assess

The second step of the Go Teach Project is to identify the current environment. Use this checklist to asses the relationship between the athletic department and your secondary education curriculum and determine a starting point to the program and identify additional partnerships and steps to take in order to ensure success of the program.

You can also download the checklist here.


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Step 3: Encourage

We need well-qualified candidates in the field of education to give us what we need in our classrooms. 

We know that student-athletes are great listeners, leaders, mentors and coaches. Those qualities and characteristics make great teachers.

However, when evaluating any career, there are other factors to consider. As part of the Go Teach project we have provided a simple survey to help student-athletes take that first step to identify whether or not they would make a great teacher and if they should talk to their academic advisor about a career in education.

You can also download the checklist here.

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Step 4: Teacher Benefits

It is important that all academic advisors and professors are prepared to speak with students interested in the Go Teach Project.

Make sure that all of the paths to teacher preparation programs and certificates are clearly defined and accessible to anyone advising students. By doing so, interested students can find the path that best suits their goals and their schedule as early as possible. Share with them the benefits of teaching and any specific job placement opportunities that might be available to them through your campus Go Teach Project program.